My psychotherapy career: How media work helps my private practice

How can you attract clients to your practice?  

Leaving behind a career as a lawyer, UKCP psychotherapist John-Paul Davies found his passion when he began training as a psychotherapist. His private practice also allowed him to have more control over how he worked.

In this episode we speak to John-Paul to find out what promoted his career transition and how his media work has helped him expand his practice. 

‘If I look at the podcast that I did with The Guardian journalist Annalisa, via UKCP, she does a sort of agony aunt column. And through that, she asked me to go on to one of the podcasts and it did really well. And through that came new clients who'd heard the podcast. I would really suggest that people try it and see what it feels like,’ says John-Paul.

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John-Paul Davies records a day in his life working as a psychotherapist in private practice. Watch the video on his YouTube channel

John Paul Transcript

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