My Psychotherapy Career: Generational trauma and black identity

What role does a psychotherapist play in healing generational trauma?

In this episode, Helen talks to UKCP psychotherapist Aileen Alleyne. They discuss how Aileen’s psychotherapeutic experience over the years has led to her book The Burden of Heritage: Hauntings of Generational Trauma on Black Lives.

Alongside her therapy and clinical supervision practice, Aileen also offers consultancy to organisations and educational institutions wanting to address difficult and sensitive issues relating to race and cultural diversity in the workplace.

‘I think psychotherapists are key, they bring a unique aspect to diversity work. It would be true to say that we’re interested in the unspoken, we’re interested in unconscious dynamics… We bring the challenge of enabling those organisations to look at the dynamics, the unconscious dynamics, what isn’t spoken, what isn’t seen, what isn’t addressed, what is taken for granted that becomes culture.’

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