My Psychotherapy Career: Establishing a social media presence

How can a psychotherapist use social media in their career?

In this episode Helen Willingham, our head of content and engagement, talks to UKCP psychotherapist Tasha Bailey.

Tasha is an author, speaker and social media influencer specialised in childhood wounds, healing and self-love. Her Instagram platform @realtalk.therapist currently has over 65k followers. 

Now working in private practice and with brands on social media, Tasha talks about how her online work led to her new book titled Real Talk: Lessons From Therapy on Healing and Self-Love. Her book seeks to give readers the reflective tools they need to start exploring who they are.

‘When I was working with young people, I always had this feeling of, I wish there was something I could give to them, like a book or a toolbox that they can just go away and have access to whenever they need it after therapy. That’s what I wanted to create. I wanted to create a book that could be a toolbox for people who either are in therapy, or have finished therapy, or who have never had therapy, but something where they’re getting all the therapeutic lessons I’d wished they’d had earlier on.’

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