My Psychotherapy Career: Diving into the world of dreams

How can you build a psychotherapeutic career working with dreams?

In this episode, Emily Bridges, our head of content and engagement, talks to UKCP psychotherapist Dave Billington.

Dave’s long-standing interest in dreams led him to pursue training that allowed him to explore this psychotherapeutic way of working.

Now working in private practice, Dave is also the director of the DRI Centre for Dream Studies, which supports research into the uses and applications of psychospiritual dreamwork for holistic well-being.

He now also runs ‘The Dream Boat’ podcast series, alongside his colleague Laura Payne. It brings together experts and the public to delve into the world of dreams.

‘There’s something that comes through from just being with the imagery that’s there, and feeling the feelings the dream is bringing, that connects us to our deepest unconscious.’

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