My Psychotherapy Career: Diversifying your psychotherapeutic work

Why is it important for a therapist to have a diverse workload?

In this episode, Helen talks to UKCP psychotherapist Lorna Evans. Working to integrate mind and body, Lorna runs online workshops looking at trauma and the body. She is now writing a book to bring awareness to the importance of this topic.

Working in private practice, Lorna is also a trauma-informed yoga teacher, a contributor to media and has informed the creation of wellbeing games. Lorna continues to work diversifying her psychotherapeutic career as she explains in this podcast.

‘The impact of our work, it’s heavy work, it's somebody else’s trauma… so that is why over time…I have realised I have to flex a bit. I have to have interests, I have to do work with different energies, I have to work with people, otherwise I’m going to be too isolated. So, there’s been a lot of hustling and having to notice what environment feels right for me.’

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Diversifying your psychotherapeutic work

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