Training, Accrediting School of Infant Mental Health

Parent Infant Centre 27 Frognal Hampstead, LONDON, NW3 6AR

Training, Accrediting School of Infant Mental Health

Parent Infant Centre 27 Frognal Hampstead, LONDON, NW3 6AR


The Parent Infant Centre Includes The Parent Infant Clinic And The School Of Infant Mental Health

We offer a range of services, training, consultation and resources that support parents and professionals.

At the Parent Infant Centre, we provide infant mental health services and support to children and their families across London and the UK. We’re specialists in autism, ADHD and other mental health, learning and development problems.
The centre is run by Dr Stella Acquarone, a Child Psychotherapist who is recognised as a worldwide authority on infant mental health and has pioneered studies in early infant clinical research and development.

The Parent Infant Centre comprises of The Parent Infant Clinic and The School of Infant Mental Health, both of which are based in London and the UK. The Parent Infant Clinic is a private clinic which offers parent-infant as well as child and adolescent psychotherapy services for all types of behavioural and mental health issues. For professionals who work with infants and young children, the School of Infant Mental Health can help you further your professional development with a range of UKCP certified courses and training.

A creative approach lets us respond to a wide range of problems and helps foster a positive experience for children of all ages. This approach is based on over 35 years of clinical experience, study and observation on the methods that work the best.

Accredited Child Mental Health Training In London
The School of Infant Mental Health delivers a range of training for professionals who work with infants, young children and their parents.

The School is based in London, but most of its courses can be undertaken online, from elsewhere in the UK or overseas

The London-based School was established in 1990 as the first institution in the UK to provide professional training in this field. For 30 years the School has provided training, clinical practice, expertise and research under the pioneering vision of Dr Stella Acquarone.

Diploma In Parent Infant Psychoanalytic
Qualify As a UKCP-Registered Psychotherapist

The School of Infant Mental Health delivers a unique, UKCP-accredited training in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

This is a thorough professional training that is available either at our base in North London or online via the internet. There are two intakes each year, in January and September.
Certificate Courses In Infant Mental Health Or Psychoanalysis
Continue Your Professional Development

The School provides a range of one and two year certificate courses concerned with infant mental health, psychoanalysis and related topics.

As well as being of general interest, these courses can be used for continuing professional development or as part of a portfolio of training.

Certificate In Infant Observation
Continue Your Professional Development

There are occasional vacancies in the School's ongoing infant observation groups. A one or two year infant observation is a well-established way to deepen an understanding of human development and to strengthen the skills of observation and self-reflection.

Courses Offered

  • Diploma in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy - UKCP accredited training
  • Certificate courses in Infant Mental Health or Psychoanalysis - continue your professional development
  • Certificate in Infant Observation - continue your professional development

UKCP Colleges

  • College for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapies (CCAP)
  • Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis College (CPJAC)

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