Accrediting Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations

5 Crescent Gardens, Belfast, BT7 1NS

Accrediting Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations

5 Crescent Gardens, Belfast, BT7 1NS


Founded in 1990, the Institute is a member organisation of both the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. As such, it is one of the professional bodies responsible for the accreditation and ongoing professional development of psychoanalytic psychotherapists across Northern Ireland. The Institute provides a dynamic and engaging, well-established forum for the discussion and advancement of psychoanalytic approaches to the understanding of personal and social difficulties. Lord Alderdice is the esteemed Patron of the Institute, whilst Honorary Members include leading psychoanalyst and author Susie Orbach, and President of the Irish Psycho-Analytic Association Mitch Elliott.

Registered with the UKCP and the ICP, full clinical members of the Institutre work in both public and private settings, offering the highest standards of individual, couple and group psychotherapy, clinical supervision and consultation.

The Institute acts as a focus of interest and commitment for those whose primary professional concern lies in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and related fields. It also offers public events for those who wish to explore the relevance and potential application of psychodynamic thinking across a variety of different contexts.

Over the course of the academic year, the Institute runs a full programme of events, covering a diverse range of issues - this includes clinical seminars, public lectures and conferences, a Psychoanalytic Art Project, a Group Analytic Section, a Clinical and Theoretical Reading Group, a Psychoanalytic Film club, a Psychoanalytic Book Club, and and a Social Concern Group.

Courses Offered

  • N/A - Accrediting Only

Belfast Office

5 Crescent Gardens
Belfast BT7 1NS
Northern Ireland

UKCP Colleges

  • Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis College (CPJAC)

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