I’m going on a therapist hunt…

I’m going on a therapist hunt…

I have been looking for a therapist and thought you might find my experience interesting.

I am aware of UKCP and the “find a therapist” page. Starting from nothing, my first filter is distance - I might as well have someone local. I am unusual in that my second filter is modality as my history suggests one in particular works better for me.

Up pops a list of potential therapists. Yay! Nearly there, I naively think!

But many of the profiles lack any kind of picture. I am not seeking good looks, good fashion, or necessarily even a good photograph, but I am interested in something of a therapist’s age (I want someone older, but not someone who will retire soon) and (speculating wildly) a sense of how they will be.

Many profiles only have the minimum mandatory information such as their contact details and modality. I’ve sometimes found more information on other sites, but it makes the process more complex, particularly if someone has a namesake somewhere else!

What do I actually want to see in a profile?

Ideally, around 300-500 words on who you are. How did you get to be a therapist? What interests you? What sort of things are you experienced in? Some of your insights. Part of this for me is to learn facts about you, but the “meta data” of how you write tells me things about you too.

Where and when you work can be helpful too as I might be unable to make the day you are in my area.

As a client, starting therapy means I have to invest quite a bit of time and money into getting known, including sharing my private stuff, and I want to do everything I can to feel that this risk is worth taking. Please help me by telling me some less risky things about you.

So, what happened when I tried to get in touch? I appreciate that therapist’s phones are often off because of work, but a number of times, after leaving a message or sending an email, I never even got a reply.

I have now find a therapist and I am looking forward to what comes out of the journey. 


(name withheld)

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