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New Find a Therapist features

Our website receives almost half a million visitors every year, and a great number of them are seeking a therapist like you. Last year we conducted extensive research with the public and UKCP members on how to deliver a better experience when searching for professional help. And these results informed the recent changes you might have seen on Find a Therapist.

To help you get the most from Find a Therapist, here are some of the new features which might help your profile stand out.


Choose your top five specialisms

Many of you will be familiar with the list of common reasons for seeking psychotherapy, such as anxiety and depression. This bridges the gap between you and our website visitors by allowing potential clients to refine their search and choose a professional they feel could help them.

Following user research, we have added an option to allow you to highlight up to five specialisms on your profile and write about your work and experience with them.

Think of this as the space to start a conversation with a prospective client, showing them how you understand the issue they’re bringing. This introductory paragraph could be the hook they need to contact you.

Keyword search

Personal statements are now searchable. Our new keyword search is comprehensive and allows website visitors to search for specific terms featured on your profile, allowing you to add areas of expertise not covered in the list of specialisms.

Make sure to add expressions which prospective clients use, as they’re likely to be the ones typed in the search field. If a visitor has been recommended a practitioner, they can also use this field to search you by forename and surname.

Share your partial address

Many Find a Therapist users search for practitioners by location so displaying your primary address on your profile increases your chances of being contacted. If your addresses are currently hidden, your profile won’t feature on location searches so make sure to set at least one of them to ‘Active’.

We listened to your feedback about keeping your full address private so now you can choose to add only part of your location, such as city, postcode, or even just the first half of your postcode. Please keep in mind that a search by location works best with full postcodes as they provide a more accurate distance between you and the Find a Therapist user.

Advanced filters

Some Find a Therapist searches can return an extensive list of results, so visitors now have the ability to filter them even further. Profile photo, the offer of remote sessions and wheelchair accessibility are among the new features you can add to your profile and increase your visibility.

And if you’d like to boost your Find a Therapist profile even further, don’t forget to check out our step-by-step guide.

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