How to find relief from stress and anxiety

Susan Smith

Susan Smith

UKCP psychotherapist Susan is an experienced psychotherapist and life coach, offering hypnotherapy and solution-based therapy to help clients achieve their physical, psychological and emotional goals.

I am seeing an increasing number of clients coming to therapy with heightened anxiety. In addition to everyday concerns, the effect of the outside world is having a profound impact on our lives and stress levels. As a result, people are experiencing sleep difficulties, breathing problems, and are stuck in negative loops of thinking.  


Is there anything you can do to minimise your anxieties?  

Yes, definitely! If you are prone to anxiety, then there are some resilience techniques that you can try to sooth yourself.

  • The last hour before bed and the first hour in the morning are the most important times to feed your brain. What you put in at these times is what will stay with you.
  • At bedtime, put your earbuds in and drift off to sleep listening to a confidence-building programme. You can find plenty on YouTube. Within days you’ll notice more optimistic thoughts.
  • Negative thoughts often creep in first thing in the morning. Listen to a positive podcast or record some affirmations on your phone and listen to them as you get yourself ready for the day.  


Are you struggling to change your negative thoughts? 

Psychotherapy is a good place to start if you need help addressing your anxiety and fears.

Psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors provide a safe and non-judgmental place for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and actions. If you’ve been struggling with a cycle of anxious thoughts and negativity, it can be hard to change the role it plays in your life. Giving yourself the time and place to explore how you are and what you want can be the first step in creating change. 

If you’re interested in exploring therapy then you can find more information on the UKCP website, including how to find a qualified psychotherapist.  

You can also find UKCP’s webpage, outlining different ways to access therapy, from free to private sessions.  


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