85% of Britons worried about global warming

An exclusive poll by Ipsos MORI for the Evening Standard revealed that 85% of adults are ‘concerned about global warming.’

The Ipsos MORI survey has been tracking people’s concerns about global warming since 2005, the 2019 figures are the highest recorded since the poll started.

‘Recently, though, concern has been creeping up again, after events such as Extinction Rebellion, the school strikes for climate, and climate emergencies being declared by local authorities,’ says Antonia Dickman, Head of Environment Research at Ipsos MORI.

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NOTE: Learning to develop a therapeutic response to climate change trauma is a theme of the upcoming UKCP conference. Find out more.



£3.3 million to be invested in mental health projects

The Government have announced a £3.3 million investment in 23 community-based projects that aim to support the mental health of children and young people.

The Minister for Public Health, Jo Churchill, said: ‘It’s only right that children and young people are able to access mental health support, not only through the NHS, but in the heart of their communities, schools and homes where they spend the majority of their time.’

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What are the mental health implications of growing up in air-pollution?

A correlation has been uncovered between poor air quality and the development of mental health problems.

Research published earlier this year found that children growing up in polluted areas of London were more likely to be depressed by the age of 18 than those growing up in areas with cleaner air, the Guardian reports.

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NOTE: Children’s relationship with the climate and our biodiversity crisis is a focus of Caroline Hickman, speaker at the upcoming UKCP conference. Find out more.



Men want mental health support 

UKCP psychotherapist Hilda Burke spoke to Dazed Digital about the impact open conversations around mental health are having on men in real life.

‘Not only am I receiving more enquiries from men, but those who are coming to therapy will disclose it more readily to friends and family then maybe they did in the past.

I also work as a volunteer at a men’s prison… even in that space, there are many inmates seeing the value of speaking to a therapist,’ said Burke.

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