CPJA conference: Whose pandemic? Analytic reflections on the impact of Covid and Covid measures on children and young people

Join us for a day of lively discussion and reflection with Darian Leader, Jay Watts and Stella Acquarone on the impact of this recent global event on the lives of, and therapeutic work with, children and young people.


Learning objectives

During this event, you will:

  • gain an appreciation of various analytic perspectives on the developmental and mental health impact of lockdowns and the pandemic on children and young people, as well as its ongoing aftermath
  • gain a raised awareness of the specific challenges entailed in psychoanalytic work with children and young people that present with the issues and developmental impasses identified
  • provisionally formulate and reflect upon the specific strategies suggested for working with such presentations in future.


Who should attend?

This event will be of interest to trained and trainee/student psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, counsellors and those who work therapeutically with children and young people.



After this event, you will receive a certificate of attendance which you can submit for consideration towards your CPD hours.



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UKCP members (in person)

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£65 (early bird £55)

The early bird tickets are available until Friday, 26 July 2024. In-person tickets include lunch and refreshments.

Date: Saturday, 14 September 2024
Time: 9.15am-5pm
In-person and online


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Darian Leader is a psychoanalyst working in London and a member of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research and of The College of Psychoanalysts-UK. He is the author of  several books including 'Why do women write more letters than they post?', 'Freud's Footnotes', 'Stealing the Mona Lisa: What Art Stops Us From Seeing', 'Why do people get ill?' (with  David Corfield , 'The New Black: Mourning, Melancholia and  Depression’, ‘What is Madness?', ‘Strictly Bipolar’, 'Hands', ‘Why Can’t We Sleep? (2019), 'Jouissance: Sexuality, Suffering and Satisfaction' (2021) and 'Is It Ever Just Sex?'  (2023). He writes frequently about contemporary art.

Dr. Jay Watts is a consultant clinical psychologist and relational psychotherapist who has led an early intervention in psychosis service, a family work team and tier two psychology in mental health trusts across London. She teaches on multiple doctoral trainings and is an honorary senior lecturer at City University alongside clinical and academic work and consultancy to disability NGOs. Jay was one of the first lived experience practitioners in the 1990s, and disability justice and the centring of survivor voices are core to her work. She is a long-standing campaigner against iatrogenic harm, especially that caused by the construct of borderline personality disorder, neoliberalism, and the welfare state. She writes for
The Guardian and the Independent and spends far too much time tweeting as @shrink_at_large.

Dr. Stella Acquarone is an adult and child psychoanalytic psychotherapist and founder of the Parent Infant Clinic and School of Infant Mental Health (together with the Parent Infant Centre) and the organiser of the International Pre-Autistic Network (an international charity registered in the UK). The school is the first in the UK to offer an accredited training in parent-infant psychotherapy (accredited by the UKCP). Based in London, she has worked with parents and infants for 32 years in the NHS and privately. Academic, clinician, teacher, lecturer, conference organiser, researcher and author, she is recognised worldwide as an authority on how to assess, diagnose and treat at-risk babies, promoting studies in early infant clinical research and development and pioneering many clinical innovations, including a case management Detection Scale and Graph for Early Relationships, mini-intensive and intensive Re:Start interventions that work through family relationships to reconnect the child with the family and vice-versa, and Child Focus and Special Child Focus (dealing with disability) clinical services. She has presented, led workshops, and trained professionals all over the world and has written extensively in professional papers, journals and chapters in books and had several books published, including 'Infant Parent Psychotherapy: A Handbook for Professionals', 'Signs of Autism In Infants: Recognition and Early Intervention', 'Changing Destinies: The Re:Start Infant Family Programme For Early Autistic Behaviours', 'Surviving The Early Years: The Importance Of Early Intervention With Babies At Risk' and 'Upalala: Helping the Helpers'. You can follow her work and offerings at www.infantmentalhealth.com or on Twitter and Facebook.

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If you have any queries or you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact events@ukcp.org.uk.

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