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Melissa Cliffe

I am drawn to the deeper conversations in life, so it’s no surprise that I trained to be a therapist. Something profound happens when we speak honestly and share our vulnerabilities, hopes, stories and dreams.

Moving around the world with my family as a child gave me a sense of being ‘other’. I became observant, interested in identity and how we find a sense of belonging. I am fascinated by dissimilarity and how we can learn to accept and celebrate our own differences and those of others.

My career in marketing was creative and social but didn’t hold long-term appeal. In 2001, when a friend waxed lyrical about her therapy training, I was inspired to enrol. My study was transformational and its emphasis on authenticity and acceptance resonated. I have since enjoyed working with diverse client groups, giving talks, teaching others and writing, and have specialised in midlife issues.

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