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How I became a therapist

Are you interested in finding out what a career in psychotherapy has to offer?

In these series of pieces, UKCP members discuss their route into the profession and how they work. They demonstrate the different types of psychotherapists there are and the varied career paths that are open to those working in the psychotherapeutic profession.

You can find the stories of:

  • John-Paul Davies
    Talks about his transition from lawyer to psychotherapist.
  • Catherine Knibbs 
    Shares how her worry for her children’s mental wellbeing led to her to pursue psychotherapeutic training.
  • Julia Bueno 
    Unpacks her career working with people who have experienced a miscarriage.
  • Gillie Jenkinson 
    After leaving an abusive cult herself Gillie sought to help break the cult mindset in others, which lead her to train as a psychotherapist.
  • Penny Moon
    In her career Penny has helped thousands of children and families, she shares her story.
  • Dwight Turner 
    Discusses how he is challenging psychotherapy training and techniques to test students prejudices.
  • Hannah Sherbersky
    Working in the NHS and private practice Hannah talks about the varying aspects of her career, including her feature in a BBC TV documentary.
  • Melissa Cliffe
    Her career in Marketing held little long-term appeal after she found a therapy training that inspired her to change paths.
  • Juliet Rosenfeld
    Wanting to understand more about the mind and her own experience with depression Juliet began training as a psychotherapist.
  • Stephen Westcott 
    Working in the music industry sparked UKCP psychotherapist Stephen Westcott interest in personal development and the therapeutic profession.
  • Suzanne Worrica
    UKCP psychotherapist Suzanne Worrica was drawn to the psychotherapeutic profession long before she started her training.
  • Sam Carbon
    Sam started her career in investment banking, but after 25 years found the industry-changing and reached a realisation that her skills in communication and coaching and guiding teams would help her make the transition into the world of psychotherapy.
  • Melinda Powell
    She shares her personal story and discusses the role dreams played on her path to training.

We have also recorded a podcast talking to our members about their unique route into psychotherapy, which you can listen to here.