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Coronavirus: The role of psychotherapy

April 23, 2020

In some ways, psychotherapy has gained even more relevance in the current climate of Covid-19, providing essential emotional support to all those who seek it. But both clients and therapists are adapting to new online circumstances.

In these series of podcasts, we are talking to our members about the role of psychotherapy during this health crisis.

Working life during lockdown, for some, couldn’t be any more different.

Marketing yourself and your psychotherapy services during lockdown is no easy feat. In this episode, UKCP psychotherapist Nicholas Rose discusses self-marketing with UKCP’s CEO Sarah Niblock.

A frequent media contributor Nicholas Rose also shares some important tips to those looking to branch out and promote the profession.

Many consider research to be at the heart of psychotherapeutic practice and essential to the profession’s survival.

In this episode of our Covid-19 series, UKCP CEO Sarah Niblock spoke to UKCP psychotherapist and Trustee Divine Charura to find out how important research really is. They also delve into the impacts of the pandemic on BAME individuals and the challenges and opportunities the crisis poses to research.

‘Research is underpinned by curiosity.’

The psychotherapy profession has a vital role to play during the coronavirus pandemic, and there will be many implications that will affect therapists work.

In this episode, UKCP psychotherapist Juliet Rosenfeld is in conversation with our CEO Sarah Niblock. She offers her advice to other therapists faced with grief in the consulting room and discusses her experience moving her practice online.

In this podcast, UKCP psychotherapist Charlotte Fox Weber is in conversation with our CEO Prof Sarah Niblock about the current climate psychotherapists and psychotherapist counsellors are practicing in. For some conducting or undergoing therapy online is the same as it ever was but for others much has changed.

‘This whole situation has forced us to tolerate uncertainty, therapists know how to bear witness to that.’

Charlotte and Sarah delve into discussions around authority, regulation, financial pressures and more.

UKCP psychotherapist and Vice Chair Andy Cottom talks about how migrating online has affected his daily practice and the issues that have come to the fore during lockdown.

‘In the last week I’ve seen real ingenuity in my clients of how to find the privacy they need to conduct our sessions.’

This is a challenging time filled with uncertainty, but now more than ever psychotherapeutic counsellors and psychotherapists are needed to support the ‘emotional state of the nation.’

More recordings to come…