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New Psychotherapist

New Psychotherapist – Issue 73, spring 2020

January 29, 2020

Each edition of the New Psychotherapist looks at a particular theme within psychotherapy or a topic with a psychotherapeutic angle. It offers members opportunities to share best practice, share developments likely to impact on their practice and encourage spirited debates between members or discuss views on professional practice and topical issues.

The New Psychotherapist is published three times a year – spring, summer and autumn.

Article spread from spring 2020 issue of the New Psychotherapist

Traumas that occur in childhood often leave children and adults with complex and long-term needs and facing severe and enduring challenges. They require in-depth and therapeutic relationsips to slowly begin to heal, repair their identities and build successful relationships with other people.

In this issue of the New Psychotherapist, we look at Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), their potential for inflicting lifelong damage and how offering deep therapeutic relationships is just one reason psychotherapy plays a crucial role in helping people who have experienced ACEs.

We also speak to the Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, about where the system is failing children with low-level and high-level mental health issues. Hannah Sherbersky talks us through her career as a psychotherapist working with young people and families, and psychotherapist Cath Knibbs explains how she uses gaming to help children who have suffered trauma.

Also in this issue, psychotherapist Brett Kahr takes us back over the past 125 years of psychotherapy which has seen the profession go from experiencing ridicule, exclusion and anti-Semitism, to one that is lauded by Prince Harry and Michelle Obama, among many others.

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