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New Psychotherapist

New Psychotherapist – issue 69, autumn 2018

October 5, 2018

Cover of issue 69 autumn 2018 issue of the New Psychotherapist

New Psychotherapist is UKCP’s new flagship magazine that will keep members informed about developments from within the psychotherapy world.

Each edition of the New Psychotherapist looks at a particular theme within psychotherapy or a topic with a psychotherapeutic angle. It offers members opportunities to share best practice, share developments likely to impact on their practice and encourage spirited debates between members or discuss views on professional practice and topical issues.

The New Psychotherapist is published three times a year – spring, summer and autumn.

In this issue we speak to Johnny Mercer MP about why mental health is a high priority. We also examine why millennials in particular are struggling – what are the particular issues for clients those who have grown up in a digital world? And we meet cult survivor Dr Gillie Jenkinson who now uses her psychotherapeutic skills to help ex-cult members break the vicious psychological hold.