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The world’s only ‘mindful triathlon’ returning to the UK this year

June 11, 2018

By: Gem Sofianos

Mindful triathlon

The world’s only ‘mindful triathlon’ returning to the UK this year

Wanderlust 108 the world’s only ‘mindful triathlon’ will return to the UK this September.

The event will take place in London’s Battersea Park with over 4,000 yogis coming together for a 5K run/walk, a dj-powered yoga session, and guided meditation.

‘Wanderlust is the only event that will give you the opportunity to embrace the community on scale: over 4,000 yogis moving and breathing together in the outdoors,’ managing director, Alan Steel, told

‘We’ve found a true home in London and the new location in Battersea Park enables us to expand the experience with more opportunities to nurture the mind, body and soul. Passionate experts in their fields will be teaching, talking and sharing ideas about finding your true north – being enough, being happy, being healthy.’

For every Wanderlust 108 ticket sold, £1.08 will be donated to the Global Fund to fight AIDS which could provide more than 3 days of live-saving HIV medication.

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Psychotherapists offer free emotional support sessions to people with Brexit-related anxiety

Psychotherapists are offering free emotional support services to EU citizens living in the UK who feel their mental health has been affected by Brexit.

The Emotional Support Service for Europeans service, which was launched in June last year, aims to tackle ‘the current climate of uncertainty and insecurity that is experienced by 3.6million EU citizens resident in the UK’ following the EU referendum in 2016.

The scheme is being lead by  Emmy Van Deurzen, a psychotherapy professor at Middlesex University, who told The Independent the service has ‘proved incredibly popular thus far.’

‘We set up this service when we became aware of the considerable distress that had been generated for EU citizens in the UK because of the Brexit referendum,’ Van Deurzen told The Independent.

‘Not only did they feel disenfranchised by not having been given a vote on their own future, they also felt deeply threatened by the way in which they were becoming second class citizens, whose acquired rights were being restricted.’

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Mindful triathlon