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Monday Mindset

The rugby player tackling men’s mental health

August 6, 2018

By: Jenna Rachid


The rugby player tackling men’s mental health

Rugby Union Player, James Griffin, starts the charity Talk Outside The Scrum to tackle sportsmen’s mental health.

James Griffin, who has been playing rugby for over 30 years, told the Yorkshire Evening Post that players tough mentality is encouraged, this means players often suffer with their mental health in silence.

He said: ‘When you first start playing rugby you have it drilled into you ‘don’t show weakness.’

‘What I have discovered is there’s a lot of people donating saying ‘I have struggled with this,’ Griffin added.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, the charity’s Just Giving page has exceeded its original goal of £995 and the proceeds will go towards the charity’s registration.

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 A football club is teaming up with charities to tackle mental health

Ipswich Town Football Club are working with the Samaritans and Suffolk Mind on a campaign to raise awareness for men’s mental health.

Government statistics found thatthree-quarters of suicides in the UK are committed by men.

According to ITV, ‘The aim of the campaign is to encourage men to talk about their feelings if they’re feeling down, instead of keeping their emotions bottled up inside.’

Ipswich Town FC posted a video on Twitter to promote the new campaign.

The video has now been viewed over a thousand times and features the message ‘it’s OK not to be OK.’

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