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Monday Mindset

The bridge signs that are saving lives

July 30, 2018

By: Jenna Rachid

Mental Wellbeing

The bridge signs that are saving lives

Messages of support on bridges in Wirral aim to help individuals struggling with their mental health, reports The Echo.

The notes have been placed across the borough in a bid to save lives. One said: ‘Hold on. It does get better.’ Another said: ‘Just wanted you to know the world is a better place with you in it.’

According to The Echo, one bridge was decorated by Bridge the Gap, a project launched by mother Lisa Barnes who has struggled with her mental health and now wants to help others.

Barnes said: ‘Hopefully the signs that we put on the bridges will make people stop and think about it, and hopefully we can save some lives.’

‘People will come and help decorate and they’ve got their own stories. Either they’ve been there themselves or they know someone. It is encouraging people to come together and talk about it,’ she added.

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Muswell Hill mental health unit celebrated its 50th birthday

Simmons House Mental Health Unit for young people celebrated its 50thbirthday this month.

According the and staff, past and present, attended a garden party to celebrate the 50 years since units opening in 1968.

The clinical lead at Simmons House, Dr Simon Lewis, said: ‘Even when a young person is at their lowest and most distressed, very often our amazing nurses will find a way to distract, laugh and support that adolescent.’

‘We will also work hard to stay fiercely committed to providing the best care and treatment for young people in the context of human processes and relationships,’ he added.

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