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Monday Mindset

Spanish Town using art to tackle mental health stigmas

October 1, 2018

By: Jenna Rachid

Spanish Town using art to tackle mental health stigmas

40 young artists from across Europe created a mural in Sant Boi, Spain, to challenge local attitudes around mental health.

According to CNN, the town is famous its artistic heritage and large mental health hospital.

Nien Boots, the project leader and local resident, described interactions between patients and residents as ‘funny or ‘uncomfortable’.

The artists worked with residents of the health care centre to create the carpet themed mural. The theme aims to invite neighbours into the hospital.

Boots said: ‘It was really lovely to see how everybody blended in.’

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Prisoners artwork on mental health exhibited in Leicester

The exhibition features artwork that looks at the effect of art on former and serving prisoners mental health.

According to the BBC, the Unlocked exhibition went on display at the New Walk Museum in Leicester and includes painting and drawings created by inmates from three UK prisons.

The project is led by the charity Soft Touch Arts who has been working with prisoners for the last three years.

Sally Norman, Co-Director of Soft Touch Arts, said: ‘Working with them [prisoners] doesn’t mean to say we condone the reasons why they were in there, but if we want them to be people who can deal with being on the outside more, then this can only help with that process.’

47-year-old former inmate Darren said the project gave him ‘new hope’.

He added: ‘Artwork has saved me a lot. I would have probably gone back to prison, drinking and drugs.’

‘It’s really helped me and saved my life, to be honest.’

The exhibition will run until 14 October.

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