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Monday Mindset

Singing for mental health

December 17, 2018

By: Jenna Rachid

A group of musicians have banded together to raise money for a mental health charity with the release of their festive single.

According to the Press and Journal, Broch Aid remastered Band’s Aid’s Christmas hit ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas’ with a rock spin.

Organiser Graemie-John Watt brought together local musicians from Fraserburgh to produce the song. Watt told the Press and Journal: ‘We wanted to get musicians in Fraserburgh together to provide something positive for the community.

‘This is also why we decided to donate the money to Y Suffer in Silence.

‘It is a local charity that provides support to people with mental health difficulties, something that we all feel strongly about as mental health is something with have all dealt with at some stage in our lives.’

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NHS to offer mature students £5k to become mental health nurses

In an attempt to tackle severe staffing shortages, the NHS will offer mature students £5k to become mental health or learning disability nurses reports the Guardian.

The incentive scheme will be included in NHS England’s plan setting out who the £20.5bn annual budget increase will be spent.

However, both the Royal College of Nursing and the trade union Unite told the Guardian they questioned whether the new payments will turn out to be a watered-down version of a previously announced scheme under which mature students would receive £10,000 to become district, mental health or learning disabilities nurses.

Unite’s lead officer for mental health, David Munday, said: ‘It’s very hard to understand whether the new plan for £5,000 payments is actually a 50% cut in a previously announced scheme. The government appears to put infinitely more energy into announcing its policies rather than actually implementing them.’

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