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Young artist calls for an end to mental health stigma

July 27, 2018

By: Jenna Rachid

Print artist creates bold and moving statements about mental health

Young artist calls to end the mental health stigma

A young Sheffield artist wants to break the stigma around mental health that stops people from seeking help.

According to The Star, Soha Mohamad recently finished her degree in fine art from Sheffield Hallam University, however, she nearly gave up on her early education due to stress.

‘I was going through bullying, anxiety and depression, and I had such bad panic attacks at school I would pass out,’ she said.

The growing pressure on children means that more support is needed, Mohamad told The Star.

Mohamad is speaking out about mental health to reduce the stigma, she is keen to reduce its prevalence in the black community.

‘People tend to keep things to themselves and pretend everything’s fine, despite mental health problems being particularly prevalent within the black community,’ she adds.

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 Is the way we talk about celebrities and mental health on social media damaging?

The way that we talk about celebrity’s mental health online only continues the stigma of mental illness, says Lux Alptraum in an opinion piece for

In her column, Alptraum addresses the social media comments made about celebrities who are outwardly open about their mental health issues. She draws on the example of Kanye West, a celebrity with bipolar disorder, who recently posted a series of tweets that contained ‘shocking’ political statements.

Alptraum, writes: ‘Casual armchair diagnoses of ‘bipolar’ or ‘OCD’ may seem harmless, but they rely on stereotypes that reinforce the stigma around mental illness.

‘People with mental illnesses are not curiosities to be observed and studied. Giving them — especially celebrities who have a large platform — the chance to share their perspective can offer much-needed nuance to our discussions of mental health.’

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Parents with babies in intensive care say their mental health has suffered – new research suggests that 80% of parents with babies in intensive care believe their mental health has suffered as a result.

Number of military veterans accessing mental health services is on the rise – more veterans are accessing mental health treatment as the NHS expands services.


Print artist creates bold and moving statements about mental health