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UK’s first student mental health centre

December 7, 2018

a group of young people in a line looking at their mobile phones

UK’s first student mental health centre

University students in Greater Manchester will be the first to have access to a student mental health referral centre.

According to The Manchester Tab, the centre is set to open in the 2019/20 academic year.  Students across four universities will be involved in the scheme, a combined total of approximately 100,000 registered students.

The centre will work in partnership with NHS services. Students seeking treatment for significant or complex mental health problems from a GP, university services or third-party assessments can be referred to the centre. Those students with less severe or complex needs will continue being treated via NHS or university services.

The University of Manchester, who is involved in the scheme, said: ‘The new service will transform mental health provision for university students in Greater Manchester by making sure that it’s easier to get referred, regardless of where someone studies or lives and that young people are supported with the transition to university.’

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Universities should do more to contact families if a student’s mental health is at risk

The Health Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, is calling on higher education representatives to develop and implement clear guidance to universities, ‘ensuring that universities get better at reaching out to family members if a student is struggling with mental health.’

Hinds wrote to Julia Buckingham, who is chairing a Universities UK (UUK) roundtable on mental health, urging her to continue exploring the issue and develop advice to ensure students have the opportunity to receive support from friends and family as well as student welfare teams and the NHS.

‘I’ve made clear to the sector how important this issue is and now I want them to work together to find a clear way forward so young people can get support from every person and organisation best able to give it,’ Hinds said.

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Increase in baby boomers admitted for drug related mental health problems – New NHS figures have found an 85% increase in the hospital admittance of the baby boomer generation for drug-related mental health problems over the last decade.

NHS announce mental health support for new fathers – The NHS will now offer new fathers ‘mental health screenings and treatment if their partner is suffering with illnesses such as post-natal depression, anxiety and psychosis.’

a group of young people in a line looking at their mobile phones