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Millennial Mindset

TV and how to watch your way to happiness

March 15, 2019

Cinema sign image with text that says '15 shows and movies to help boost your mood.'

Elaine Slater has a sideways look at popular programming. The UKCP psychotherapist has picked out 15 TV shows and movies to brighten your day. 

15 TV shows to boost your mood

Is the Brexit divide damaging our relationships?

Our Chief Executive, Prof. Sarah Niblock talks to the New York Times about the great Brexit divide. She looks not at our separation from the EU, but the deep rift that exists in our own population.

Sarah said: ‘It is now so excruciating, and so difficult for people to have conversations about Brexit — families, workplaces, neighbours are so split — there is so much of a division between groups in society that it is almost as if the therapeutic room has become the last place people can talk with any ease.’

UKCP psychotherapist Brett Kahr contributes: ‘I think there is a great deal of hatred of one position toward the other, and a lack of willingness to engage.’

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NHS bosses warns that benefits cuts are costing our mental health

Money problems, job worries and loneliness are all factors adding to the increased pressure on NHS services, the BBC report.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of mental health charity Mind, said: ‘Changes to the benefits system in recent years, and austerity generally, have had a devastating impact on the lives of many people with mental health problems.’

The government said it acknowledges the ‘challenges’ they face in reforming the current benefits system, but say they are addressing them.

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Workplaces must lead on mental health for all (not just the ones who ask)

Only 14% of men disclosing problems to their line manager or human resources. How can employers close the gender gap in mental health?

Poppy Jaman, Chief Executive of the City Mental Health Alliance. ‘What we’ve found in the City is that people will have a whole load of stuff that’s going on in their life — and work will be the thing that just tips them over…Workplaces need to take a whole-life approach.’

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MSPs: young people deserve better research on ‘Soc Med’

Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) want to understand the impact of social media. Including if the use of popular platforms influences demand for services.

According to the BBC, referrals to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) have increased by 22% in five years.

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Cinema sign image with text that says '15 shows and movies to help boost your mood.'