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Too old for psychological help?

February 15, 2019

Size view of woman with her hands to her chin looking into the distance

‘GPs are failing to properly treat elderly patients with depression’ claims new studies in the Telegraph.

As few as 3.5 per cent of cases were referred for therapy – with even fewer cases among the oldest patients.  Over 85s are five times less likely to be referred for psychological therapies.

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Workplace sexism and mental health problems are linked

New research suggests that those who experience workplace sexism are more likely to develop mental health problems.

Examples cited in the study include: ‘Women receiving unwelcome sexual advances, being touched inappropriately, receiving inappropriate comments about their body or appearance, being exposed to sexist jokes and comments, and being exposed to pornography.’

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‘Social media can kill you’

So warned reality TV star Andy Jordan. The Made In Chelsea star spoke to the BBC . He discussed how being an social media influencer nearly destroyed his life.

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The celebrity would routinely endorse lifestyle products that he didn’t use or believe in, and was once asked to have cosmetic surgery, just to ‘advertise’ a certain clinic.

Social media giants have recently received criticism, suggesting that they aren’t doing enough to protect young user’s mental health.BBC Newssat down with three women to find out how social media has impacted their mental health.

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Farmers and mental health

After research suggested that those working in Scotland’s agricultural sector were vulnerable to developing mental health problems a study was announced to find better ways to support farmers mental health.

Professor Kay Cooper, a Lead Researcher on the new study, said: ‘We know that farmers and others working in the agriculture sector regularly experience distress, anxiety and depression, which in turn are related to greater risk of injury.

‘Aside from the personal impact, poor mental wellbeing has a significant economic cost.’

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Size view of woman with her hands to her chin looking into the distance