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Millennial Mindset

Too ill to work, too broke not to

November 2, 2018

By: Jenna Rachid

Too ill to work, too broke not to

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute (MMHPI) says that ‘preventative part-time sick leave’ and ‘phased returns to work’ are among the solutions that could help those struggling with their mental health maintain their place in the workforce.

According to the BBC, the MMHPI’s new report found that there were 2.3 million people in the UK with mental health problems that affected the amount of paid work they could do.

The MMHPI’s recommendations, based on the findings of the report, aim to provide government and employers solutions to help break the ‘vicious cycle’ that places people with mental health issues in financial hardship.

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Meghan Markle discusses the effect of social media on mental health

The Duchess of Sussex has discussed the pressures of social media in a discussion with mental health advocates in New Zealand.

According to the Independent, Meghan is no longer as active on social media, and she is now warning people of the impact it can have on your mental health.

Meghan and Harry visited staff and volunteers from multiple organisations in a New Zealand café, including Live For Tomorrow, a youth mental health project that aims to help and support young people.

Speaking to the organisations, Meghan said: ‘You see photos on social media and you don’t know whether she’s born with it or maybe it’s a filter.’

‘Your judgement of your sense of self-worth becomes really skewed when it’s all based on likes.’

Both Meghan and Harry continue to discuss and bring attention to issues effecting people’s mental health.

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Teens on the edge – 10,000 young people were treated with serious mental health problems last year in Northern Ireland, the BBC reports.