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Millennial Mindset

This week UKCP members have been in the news

May 10, 2019

By: Jenna Rachid

How does knife crime impact us?

UKCP psychotherapist Carmen Ablack spoke to BBC Radio London about violent crimes and the impact they have that isn’t shown in the media.

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How have conversations about mental health changed?

UKCP psychotherapist Professor Brett Kahr spoke to the Men’s radio station about mental health and psychotherapy.

He said: ‘The last few years we’ve seen some amazing public outings of massively influential figures admitting that they have undergone psychotherapy.’

Listen to it here

‘I’m stressed and don’t know how to cope’

UKCP psychotherapist Jo Gee recommends taking a ‘deep breath’, ‘Stress causes physiological changes which mean we take shorter, quicker breaths, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Deep, slow, purposeful breathing sends a signal to your brain to calm down.’

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Is Brexit uncertainty affecting our mental health?

‘A lot of people are feeling that helpless and powerlessness,’ says UKCP psychotherapist Julia Bueno. She spoke to Spanish news channel Informativos Telecinco the mental health of the nation and Brexit.

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