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Millennial Mindset

One in three UK teenagers are ‘ashamed of their body’

May 17, 2019

Young woman outside in autumn or fall looking sad depressed or thoughtful drinking coffee

A survey of teenagers by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) found that young people are changing their eating habits in order to change how they look, the Guardian reports.

With imagery of ‘idealised’ bodies existing in every part of social media, the MHF and NHS England are calling for action to protect individuals from content that can damage their view of their body such as pre-vetting adverts promoting cosmetic surgery or weight loss.

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When reality doesn’t ever meet expectations…

A new study by Bupa UK for Mental Health Awareness Week uncovered that many people are left feeling vulnerable and stressed when their reality doesn’t match what’s on social media, the Metro reports.

86% of people said they felt pressure from society to achieve life’s milestones, with 56% stating that social media set the expectations of what these moments should look like.

But how can we stop comparing ourselves to others and enjoy our lives?

Listen to our podcast where we spoke to UKCP psychotherapist Dr Christian Buckland about body image and media pressures. Or read his blog where he gives some great tips for improving body image.

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How can you recognise a toxic friendship?

UKCP psychotherapist Emma Azzopardi spoke to Yahoo Style about recognising a toxic friend.

She says: ‘Unfortunately, not all friendships are created equal. Some friendships produce a very positive impact on us, while others do not. It is possible to have a friendship that is actually hurting you. A toxic friendship can cause a lot of damage, emotionally, mentally, even physically.’

Have you avoided saying what you need or do you make all the compromises in your friendship? It may then be time to consider if your friendship is toxic.

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Online therapy and the loss of human interaction

UKCP psychotherapist Hilda Burke spoke to for an article about whether people seeking online therapy is on the rise.

Hilda told Virgin that online therapy can compromise the level of insight a therapist can gain from their client. ‘When I work with a client, the actual words they say are a small proportion of what they’re communicating. Online therapy can never replicate the level of insight that comes from physical closeness,’ says Burke.

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Young woman outside in autumn or fall looking sad depressed or thoughtful drinking coffee