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NHS blamed for rise in eating disorders

February 22, 2019


16,000 people were admitted with health problems such as anorexia and bulimia in  2017/18. The Guardian reports UK hospital admissions are struggling to cope with the highest intake of Eating Disorder patents in the last 8 years.

Some experts blame the rise on the NHS services for failing to support people with eating disorders early enough.

Chief Executive of eating Disorder charity Beat, Andrew Radford, said: ‘Rising hospital admissions show that outpatient services are failing to treat enough people with eating disorders soon enough. The government and NHS can readily address this by offering more intensive community care.’

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 Tested Teachers are Failing – mental health causing an educational crisis

According to figures, half of newly qualified teachers (NQT) do not plan to stay in the classroom long term, citing that their job had caused them to have panic attacks or anxiety. The poll also cited that one-third of NQT had experienced feelings of depression.

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Experimental police unit tackles mental health

City of London Police and NHS England launched a new scheme to improve the way police officers respond to mental health incidents. The New ‘mental health’ unit will be the first of its kind to be trialled in the UK.

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Mental health and poverty – children are most at risk

The number of children living in poverty in the UK could reach a record high. Young Minds, a UK charity that aims to support the mental health of children and young people warn that children’s circumstances growing up can drastically impact their mental health.

Matt Blow, Policy Manager at Young Minds, told Happiful magazine: ‘The circumstances that children grow up in can have a big impact on their mental health – recent NHS research suggests that children living in the lowest income households are twice as likely to have a mental health condition as those in the highest income families.’

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