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Millennial Mindset

Mental health ‘epidemic’ among university employees

May 24, 2019

The number of staff working in higher education and seeking mental health support has increased. Referrals to counselling services rising by more than 300% from 2009 – 2015.

‘In academic life, there are no peaks and troughs of work anymore as the pace continues relentlessly throughout the year,’ said report author Liz Morrish, a visiting fellow at York St John University.

But how can we stop universities from being ‘anxiety machines’?

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65% of millennials struggle to make friends at work

Stress, lifestyle and the cost of socialising outside of work are causing young adults to miss out on a work social life, the Metro reports.

Figures published by Milkround reported that 75% of people who say they struggle to make friends at work also believe it was negatively impacting their mental wellbeing.

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One in four primary school children have ‘hidden’ social, emotional and mental-health (SEMH) difficulties

A study, by charity Nurture UK, has shocked and shamed schools. One-quarter of young students were found to struggle with SEMH needs. The number of students with low self-esteem or lacking in emotional security was more than double the estimate of their educators.

“We must help teachers identify and support children with SEMH needs, before issues escalate, harming their education and potentially leading to exclusion”

Kevin Kibble, Chief Executive of Nurture UK

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