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How is Brexit affecting our mental health?

April 5, 2019

European Union and British flag pair on desk over defocused background.

UKCP psychotherapists Julia Bueno and Sue Cowan-Jenssen discussed the uncertainty and confusion Brexit is creating among people living in Britain.

In a survey by Britain Thinks, 64% of respondents thought Brexit was damaging their mental health.

On an emotional level, Bueno has noticed that Britons are feeling ‘a swell of real distress. Anxiety, disappointment and rage – but it’s an impotent rage that can’t go anywhere.’

More and more people are turning to therapy to discuss these feelings, says Cowan-Jenssen. She told the Guardian: ‘My practice is packed. And everybody I know, their practice is packed. I’m finding it incredibly hard to find people to refer on to because nobody has any space.

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‘In many ways my husband was perfect – but I left him. Was I too hasty?’

UKCP psychotherapist Kate Moyle offers her advice in the latest Ask Annalisa Barbieri.

The person who wrote in for advice asks: ‘Should I be trying to make it work? At 34 with no children, I feel there is a pressure to make a decision – and fairly fast.’

Moyle says: ‘You seemed stuck because of the things you feel you should be doing, and I wonder where all that ‘should’ comes from?’

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Are musicians more likely to be depressed than the general population?

Yes, says BT News. Compared with the general population musicians are three times more likely to have depression.

Now seven leading mental health charities are calling for better mental health support for musicians.

UKCP had a number of therapists working with people in the music industry, including Lou Lebentz.

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European Union and British flag pair on desk over defocused background.