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Household responsibilities are taking their toll on mental health

January 25, 2019

By: Jenna Rachid

Child's hand holding a adult's finger

A new study found that hundreds of mothers still carry the bulk of responsibilities, leaving them less satisfied with their lives and relationships and more prone to stress-related diseases, the Daily Mail reports.

Dr Lucia Ciciolla, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Oklahoma State University, said: ‘Women are beginning to recognise they still hold the mental burden of the household even if others share in the physical work, and that this mental burden can take a toll.’

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Why is the hit TV show Peppa Pig so successful?

UKCP child psychotherapist, Vanessa McHardy, gives her thoughts on why Peppa Pig is so successful amidst its movie release in China as we begin the Year of The Pig.

McHardy believes that children can relate to the lives of the characters on the show, which is reassuring for young watchers. ‘And all the characters are animals, so Peppa Pig is identifiable regardless of your background or ethnicity,’ she added.

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New study suggests unhappiness is linked to pollution

A study conducted in China found a clear link between the level of happiness among city residents and the levels of air pollution.

According to the Independent, researchers measured the happiness of 144 Chinese residents using an algorithm to analyse 210 tweets from the popular microblogging platform Sina Weibo. By merging the information with weather patterns they found that surges in pollution correspond to dips in happiness.

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#SeenNotScreen hopes to get people off their phones and talking

With the majority of people now checking their phones every 12 minutes should more of us be taking a break from our phones to chat with a friend?

A new campaign set up by Scott Newby, Managing Director of NewbyCore Consulting, who faced his own battle with depression, seeks to get people to open up and ask for help if they need it.

Newby told the Clydebank Post: ‘I want to help other people out there who may be struggling mentally to open up and talk – after all, you can’t hug a tablet.’

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Child's hand holding a adult's finger