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Millennial Mindset

Friendships shape your mental health

July 4, 2019

By: Jenna Rachid

5 young adults sitting on a sofa

Young adults who felt connected to others in their teens are 66% less likely to experience mental health problems, Business Insider reports.

The study, by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found that having strong networks of people around you as a young adult can help boost your happiness and shape your career successes.

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Are you worried your friendship is toxic? UKCP psychotherapist Emma Azzopardi lists some key warning signs to look out for in Yahoo Style.

UKCP psychotherapist Jared Green also spoke to Forbes this week about toxic friendships. He says: ‘It’s one of the reasons therapy often focuses on relationships, because it is true that, the wrong relationships often hold us back.’

Nature proven to boost your mental health 

A two-hour ‘dose’ of nature can dramatically boost your mental wellbeing.

According to the Guardian, researchers interviewed 20,000 people in England, almost half of respondents, who spend little to no time in nature, said they felt unsatisfied with their life. Whilst only a third of people who spent two hours in nature said they were not content with their life.

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54% rise in young people seeking mental health support

In the last four years there has been a 54% increase in children identified by councils as needing mental health support, the Independent reports.

Politicians and council leaders are now calling for increase funding to local authorities after ‘savage cuts’ to budgets.

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5 young adults sitting on a sofa