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Feeling overwhelmed?

March 29, 2019

Speach box with text '5 ways to beat morning anxiety'

UKCP psychotherapist Hilda Burke spoke to the BBC about the growing prevalence of eco-anxiety. In her psychotherapeutic experiences, she has ‘noticed an increasing number of clients expressing anxiety over the state of the planet, and indeed its survival.’

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Burke also spoke to Yahoo Style to give her top tips for managing anxiety in the morning. She explains that ‘we generally feel anxious about things we fear, which is why many of us become anxious first thing in the morning. ‘

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1,000 plants to boost mental health at work

A company has filled its London office with over 1,000 plants in an effort to boost the productivity of staff.

But can plants really breathe new life into the workplace?

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Are reality stars getting enough mental health support?

UKCP psychotherapist Sue Cowan-Jenssen spoke to Digital Spy about reality TV and mental health.

With recent events putting a microscope on the issue what should be done to better support new found reality stars?

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Avicii’s legacy is helping to improve mental health awareness in the music industry

The legacy of Swedish DJ Avicii, who took his own life in 2018, is ‘transforming mental health in the music industry,’ the BBC reports.

Tristan Hunt from the Association For Electronic Music and current co-chair of a group working to improve the health of fans and professionals in the dance music industry, told the BBC: ‘One of the main issues Avicii’s death highlighted was the reluctance of men to talk about the subject of mental health.’

The Tim Bergling foundation, named after the Swedish DJ, continues to campaign for improved mental health awareness.

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Speach box with text '5 ways to beat morning anxiety'