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Millennial Mindset

Are you stressed about climate change?

April 12, 2019

UKCP Psychotherapist Hilda Burke provided some key insights into eco-anxiety which is affecting an increasing number of people.

Burke told Net Doctor: ‘I have noticed an increasing number of clients expressing anxiety over the state of the planet, and indeed its survival.’

So, what can we do to cope with eco-anxiety? When working with her clients Burke tries ‘ to explore ways that they could feel empowered, how they could get involved to shape change, whether it’s joining an action group or just becoming more conscious of how they can personally act in a way that helps the planet,

‘Often taking steps – however small – to affect change can help to ease their anxiety and sense of helplessness.’

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Do mental health problems disappear with age?

No, they don’t and according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists 85% of older people with depression ‘receive no help from the NHS’.

Referrals to therapy were also found to decrease with age. Older people were found to be a fifth as likely as younger people to have access to talking therapies.

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Children face a ‘postcode lottery’ when accessing mental health services

A study by the Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield found that spending on children’s mental health services had risen by 17% overall. However, spending on services such as counselling and drop-in centres have fallen in more than a third of areas in England.

Ms Longfield said: ‘This report reveals for the first time the postcode lottery facing the increasing number of children suffering from low-level mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

‘The children I speak to who are suffering from conditions like anxiety or depression aren’t asking for intensive inpatient therapeutic treatment, they just want to be able to talk to a counsellor about their worries and to be offered advice on how to stop their problems turning into a crisis.’

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Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey to team up on mental health TV series

Kensington Royal has announced that Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey will be teaming up on a new docu-series on mental health.

Prince Harry said he was ‘incredibly proud to be working alongside Oprah on this vital series, which we have been developing together for several months.’

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