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An experts’ guide: How not to worry about family

February 8, 2019

Head a shoulders image of a child on a adults back

UKCP psychotherapist Dr Reenee Singh gives her advice on dealing with family worries in the Guardian.

She said: ‘Unexpected changes are harder to navigate because the family hasn’t evolved a way of coping with them.’

In these cases, it may help to talk to someone – a family friend, a community elder, or a professional.’

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One in 10 school children in Northern Ireland have a diagnosable mental illness

In 2018 35,000 children were treated by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Northern Ireland, the BBC reports.

Dr Phil Anderson, a consultant child psychiatrist in Belfast, highlighted to the BBC the 50% increase in children’s emotional difficulties since 2004 and emphasised the important role parents play in the emotional stability of their children.

‘There are huge pressures, financial pressures and working time pressures for families these days but the message is still it’s so important to spend that regular quality time with your child and it’s the most important investment you can make in their emotional health for the future,’ he said.

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Teenage suicide is rising

UKCP psychotherapist Noel Bell featured on Sky News talking about the rising rate of young people, aged 15-19, taking their own lives.

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Children’s Mental Health week: Mental health trial to be launched in schools

In the largest trial of its kind, hundreds of children and young people will learn a variety of innovative techniques that promote good mental health.

Speaking about the study, Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, said: ‘Schools and teachers don’t have all the answers, nor could they, but we know they can play a special role which is why we have launched one of the biggest mental health trials in schools. These trials are key to improving our understanding of how practical, simple advice can help young people cope with the pressures they face.’

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 56% of children worry all the time about something 

New research released by Place2Be found that children who sleep less than the nine recommended hours were less able to cope with worries.

Catherine Roche, Chief Executive of Place2Be, said: ‘At least three children in every class have a diagnosable mental health issue, and many more worry about everyday concerns from exams to family life.’

‘Further research is needed to explore if children are lacking sleep because they worry, or worry because they aren’t getting enough sleep,’ she added.

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Stress affects us at every age

Chair of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, Martin Pollecoff, looks at the stress triggers that affect people aged 55-70 in the Guardian.

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Head a shoulders image of a child on a adults back