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Midweek Mindset

Three children in every classroom are suffering from mental health problems

September 26, 2018

By: Jenna Rachid, Eloise Cadman and Alex Youngs

Three children in every classroom are suffering from mental health problems

Barnardo’s Chief Executive, Javed Khan, has this week warned that ‘three children in every classroom are suffering mental health problems fuelled by social media.’

Speaking to the Telegraph, Khan argued that social media platforms are adding to the ‘perfect storm’ for children’s mental health, and increasing the pressure on children’s services’ limited resources, which are unable to cope with demand.

He was speaking after a YouGov poll for Barnardo’s found 60% of social workers, education and law enforcement staff had noticed a growing number of vulnerable children in the past 5 years.

Khan said: ‘The nature of vulnerability is changing and doesn’t respect class or privilege.

‘There are children living in comfortable homes with their parents who seem safe and secure but the moment they switch on their phone, tablet or computer, they enter a new realm where the usual rules, regulations and safeguards do not apply.’

Khan and Barnardo’s are now backing legislation to force tech giants to take action in protecting children from online harm.

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Do employers need to practice better workplace wellbeing?

More than one in three UK employees consider quitting their job regularly, according to new research by the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (CABA).

As reported by the Accountancy Age, the study found that 36 % of workers admit that they think on a regular basis about quitting their job.

The same research also found that 74% of employees find it difficult to concentrate sometimes because of poor wellbeing.

And more than 1 in 10 people (13%) admitted to having taken a sick day to cope with stress.

The study highlighted several factors that commonly affect workplace wellbeing. For example, for 25 percent of employees, the quality and quantity of financial rewards has a major impact on their wellbeing.

Other major factors that were felt to affect workplace wellbeing include the number of working hours, company culture, quality of management and personal development.

Laura Little, the Learning and Development Manager at CABA, said: ‘Our research identified that struggling with poor wellbeing is not a small issue – it’s having a hugely negative impact on a large number of employees, both at work and home.’

She added: ‘It’s imperative that we start taking people’s wellbeing seriously, otherwise it will be the business that pays the price. Having a strategy for employee wellbeing is no longer an optional extra – people not only need it more than ever before, but they also expect it.’

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Research grant contest seeks entries on anxiety and depression

A £10 million research competition for ‘outstanding research to advance the understanding and treatment of mental health conditions,’ was launched this week by The Wolfson Foundation.

According to Mental Health Today, the charity is keen to see research proposals on anxiety, depression and adolescent mental health.

Despite the increasing rate of mental health issues in the UK, the research charity MQ have reported that research in this area only receives 5.8% of the UK health research budget.

The competition for innovation in mental health treatment has therefore been widely welcomed, with support from charities including Mind, SANE, Mental Health UK, Place2Be and Rethink Mental illness.

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