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Midweek Mindset

Every three minutes someone with mental health problems contacts the NHS

August 15, 2018

By: Jenna Rachid, Eloise Cadman and Alex Youngs

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Every three minutes someone with mental health problems contacts the NHS

Figures show that NHS call centres receive a high level of mental health related calls.

According to the Mirror Online, 999 and 111 emergency phone numbers jointly received 181,272 mental health calls last year. This has increased by 44% increase over the last two years. These calls are being made by people with mental health conditions, such as PTSD, bi-polar disorder and post-natal depression.

Norman Lamb former Lib Dem and Health Minister responded to the news by stating: ‘These figures lay bare the scale of the mental health crisis. Many of these people will be in a state of severe distress, but too often they will be told that there is no support available.’

He called on the new Health Secretary Matt Hancock to ‘make it his priority to develop better mental health provision especially on evenings and weekends.’

Leila Reyburn, the policy and campaigns manager for Mind commented, saying: ‘A mental health crisis is an emergency just like a physical health emergency.’

The government is preparing to deal with the current mental health crisis, with plans to have a mental health specialist in every A&E by March 2021.

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Teenage girls suffer serious mental health problems after sexual assault

A study found that after sexual assault 80% of teenage girls suffer with their mental health.

A study led by University College London (UCL), London’s specialist assault referral centres (SARCs) and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, spoke to 137 girls, between the ages 13 – 17 who were assaulted between April 2013 – April 2017.

According to The Guardian, 80% of the girls taking part in the study had developed at least one mental health disorder 4-5 months after being attacked, 55% had developed at least two disorders.

The study found that PTSD, anxiety disorders and depression were the most common disorders developed. 3/4 of the 137 girls interviewed were from a deprived background and 1/2 had sought help from the NHS for their mental health in the 12 months before their assault.

The lead author, Dr Sophie, from the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and the Havens, said: ‘The study findings emphasise the double disadvantage of young women who experience sexual assault.’ He added, ‘Their social vulnerability places them at higher risk of assault, with one in 12 reporting a further assault within four to five months.’

The campaign director at YoungMinds, Tom Madders, said: ‘This worrying research clearly shows the devastating impact that sexual assault can have on mental health and demonstrates the importance of long-term mental health support for survivors.’

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Is ‘compulsive buying disorder’ a mental illness?

Experts are calling for shopping addiction a.k.a. ‘compulsive buying disorder’ (CBD) to be recognised as a mental illness, The independent reports.

The call for its recognition is followed by a recent study by Hannover Medical school.

The study found that between 6% and 7% of those surveyed indicated compulsive buying (CB) behaviour. The survey also suggested that young people were more prone to develop CB behaviour.

Professor Astrid Mueller, a clinical psychologist with an interest in addicted at Hannover Medical School, told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s time to recognise compulsive shopping disorder as a separate mental health condition, which will help us develop better treatments and diagnosis methods.’

The call for CBD comes after the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised video game addiction in The International Classification of Diseases (IDC).

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