Are you considering pausing therapy?

If you are a client currently working with a therapist, please don’t stop your therapy abruptly. It is important to continue if at all possible.

Over the coming weeks when therapists and clients are unable to meet for therapy in person we suggest you discuss together what psychotherapeutic support is likely to be needed and how it can be delivered safely.

Things to consider are:

  • Whether you both have the means and ability to conduct therapy remotely such as by telephone or online. Would this way of communicating be appropriate?
  • How you will keep in touch about any changes to your normal arrangements.
  • That you may need to share contact tracing information with the NHS should you test positive for Covid-19.
  • How and when fee arrangements would be affected.

We have created guidelines for our members about psychotherapeutic practice and working in isolation.

Regardless of how the therapy is delivered, UKCP members are committed to adhering to the UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

If you do decide to stop therapy it is important to consider the risks of abruptly ending your sessions. In his blog, UKCP psychotherapist Martin Weaver offers useful advice. 

Psychotherapeutic Practice And Working In Isolation

Guidance for psychotherapeutic practice and working in isolation

We will keep our members updated through our email news updates and bulletins. If you are a UKCP member and are not receiving our emails then contact us. 

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