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UKCP members needed to help us improve our website

We are currently working to improve our website. To do this we’re conducting research interviews and observational user testing to understand how people in a range of different user groups currently use our website.

We are keen to do some interviews and user testing with our existing members, and in particular current student and trainee members.

Could you help us build a better UKCP website? The insights you share with us will make a big difference to our project and ultimately help us create a website which works better for everyone.

What to expect

User testing sessions will last around 30 minutes and be conducted via video call or remote testing software. You’ll be asked to complete simple navigation tasks in your usual browser using a prototype of our new website, sharing your thoughts while using it.

Interviews will last between 30 minutes and 1 hour and will be conducted 1-2-1 via video call with a User Experience Researcher from UKCP’s digital partner, Wattle.

How we will look after your information

Further information will be provided and consent will be agreed in advance of the interview.

We may wish to record some of the tests and interviews to help with analysis, but will inform you if this is the case and request your permission in advance.

Any personal data you provide will be handled in line with UKCP’s privacy policy.

Your comments will be shared with key Wattle staff and UKCP office staff in fully anonymised form for the purposes of our website research only and will not be shared publicly.

Get in touch

To take part please book an available appointment and use the comments box to let our user researcher Rachel know if you are a full clinical or a student or trainee UKCP member.