My Approach

The intention is to relieve distress or suffering in a person, using an approach which includes the therapist directing the client’s attention to self-destructive or self-defeating behaviour.
I encourage the verbalization of all the clients’ thoughts, dreams, inhibitions and fantasies. Together we examined and try to understand the often unconscious, sometimes historical, nature of those processes and conflicts which cause us distress and problems.

About Me

Since 1987 I have provided patients in the London area a wide range of psychological and counseling services to suit their needs. My therapy sessions are designed to strengthen your confidence, and assist you in the healing process, in a safe and confidential environment.

Types of Therapies Offered

  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

London Office

Beaumans Drive
London E17
Reino Unido

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UKCP College

  • Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis College (CPJAC)
Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy

London E17