Emma Rich

London NW10 English
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Emma Rich

London NW10 English
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About Me

I have worked in the healing arts for over 20 years. I am a fully qualified and accredited Integrative psychotherapist, graduating from the prestigious Regents University in London. My background training lies in body work, yoga and meditation.

For me psychotherapy marries scientific rigour with the language of the soul. Held within the safe, sacred space of the therapeutic relationship my clients and I work together to foster insight and understanding, to ease suffering and to recover a life of meaning, authenticity and connection.

As an Integrative psychotherapist I draw from different theoretical approaches according to the needs and sensibilities of my clients, creating a unique therapeutic relationship with each individual human being that seeks my assistance

The work unfolds over time as we attend to the deep questions. Through this process we invite the possibility of healing and of a person discovering the truth of who they are and how they want to live.

I specialise in areas of emotional and psychological issues such as childhood trauma, depression, addiction, anxiety, emotional crisis, shame and loneliness.

Relationship issues such as love, co-depedence, sex and sexuality.

Existential issues such as lack of meaning, purpose, death, faith and spirituality.

Performance issues such as managing creativity, coping with fame and sports performance.

I usually work with clients face to face but I also have clients abroad who have sessions via Skype or the telephone.

Principle influences are James Hollis, Petruska Clarkson, Carl Jung, James Hillman, Joseph Campbell, Robert Moore, D.W. Winnicott, Irvin Yallom and Marion Woodman. Emma is also profoundly interested in our relationship with nature and leads initiatory rites of passage on the land, drawing from the rivers of indigenous wisdom, perennial philosophy, deep ecology, ritual and ceremony and somatic movement.

Emma believes it is vital for practitioners to continue their own psychotherapeutic work so she engages in weekly psychotherapy herself as well as clinical supervision and continued professional development. She is a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy as well as the British Association for Councillors and Psychotherapists.

Types of Therapies Offered

  • Integrative Psychotherapist

Types of sessions

  • Home Visits

London Office

Langler Road
Kensal Rise
London NW10 5TL

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UKCP College

  • Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College (HIPC)

Emma Rich

London NW10

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