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Hearings and decisions

We are committed to openness and transparency in our complaints process. As part of that, we publish information about forthcoming complaints hearings and decisions arising from complaints hearings.

Forthcoming Hearings

Our hearings are generally open to the public. If you would like to attend one of these hearings as an observer, you must get in touch with a member of the complaints team to inform them. This is so that the necessary provisions can be made for your attendance and so that the participants can be made aware that there may be third-party observers.

Sometimes it is necessary for hearings to be closed to the public. This is done only in extenuating circumstances in which the public interest and the need for transparency is outweighed by the need for witnesses to be able to give honest and thorough testimony. Hearings can only be closed by order of the panel. If a hearing is closed, it will be noted.

Complaints Decisions

We publish the outcomes of complaints against therapists in line with our Publication of decisions policy.

Removed from register

  • Charles Davison, Norfolk – 27 May 2015
    Charles Davison was a UKCP registered psychotherapist. The Adjudication Panel determined that Mr Davison’s fitness to practise is impaired by reason of serious misconduct and that UKCP remove his name from the UKCP register. Read the Adjudication Panel’s determination.

Misconduct found

  • Vesna Mandic-Bozic, London – July 2016
    Twenty-five factual allegations were admitted and found proved. The Panel concluded that ten of these constituted misconduct as breaches of the UKCP Ethical Principles and Professional Code of Conduct; however the Panel found that the Registrant’s practice was not currently impaired. No sanctions were applied. Read the determination here.

Suspension orders

  • There are currently no suspension orders.

Sanctions imposed

  • Ahi Wheeler, London – December 2016
    Allegations of breach of the UKCP Ethical Principles and Professional Code of Conduct proved by Registrant’s own admission. The Panel concluded that these breaches constituted misconduct and a finding of impairment was made. Sanctions were made by way of a Conditions of Practice Order: Personal Therapy; Clinical Supervision; and Evidence of Insurance, for a period of twelve months. Read the determination on sanction here.

Interim orders

Sometimes the allegations made against our registrants are of such a serious nature that UKCP must act in order to protect the public while investigations are ongoing. An interim order does not indicate that the registrant is guilty, but rather is a safeguarding measure that we put in place until a we are able to conduct a full investigation. We review interim orders periodically; they are generally in place until the date of the Fitness to Practise hearing.

  • Mike Cosford, Bristol
    An interim suspension order has been imposed for a period of six months, from 26 October 2016 to 28 April 2017.