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Make a complaint

UKCP has a number of different ways that we can explore and address your concerns about our members or services.

Raising a complaint or concern

On this page your will find information on how to raise a concern about:

Complaints about therapists

Dealing with concerns and complaints about therapists on our register is a core element of our service to the public.

If you are considering making a complaint or raising a concern about a therapist, we have guidance on how to do this. Read more about how to complain about a therapist.

We also publish decisions arising from complaints cases and information about forthcoming complaints hearings.

Complaints about organisational members

UKCP has over 70 different training or accrediting member organisations. Each of our member organisations belong to one of 11 colleges, each of whom represent a different modality or school.  These colleges maintain oversight of their member organisations and provide specialised support and services.

If you have concerns about one of our member organisations, you will need to contact them directly to try to resolve these. Each organisation will have its own process to deal with concerns and complaints.

If at the end of that process you feel that the organisation has failed to address your complaint, you may be able to complain to the UKCP College to which the organisation belongs, stating your reasons for your dissatisfaction. Please note, UKCP can only look at complaints relating to UKCP registration.

If you are unsure which college a member organisation belongs to, you can find a list here. Or you can give us a call on 0207 014 9955 and a member of our team will be happy to advise you.

Complaints about UKCP

We aim to offer a high quality of service across all areas of our work. We take complaints very seriously and welcome your feedback. For more information on how to complain about a service provided by UKCP or one of our staff members, please click the below link.

Read more about how to make a complaint about UKCP.