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Psychotherapy Education Innovation and Impacts Awards

The UKCP Board of Trustees’ Education Working Group (EWG) seeks to support and promote the personal and professional development of psychotherapy educators and to disseminate good practice in psychotherapy/psychotherapeutic training in the context of Covid-19.

Psychotherapy Education Innovation and Impact Awards have been developed to highlight, promote and disseminate examples of innovative educational practice within UKCP Organisational Members (OMs). The value of this award will vary from small awards of £1k to larger awards up to a maximum of £5k towards project development expenses.

The Awards are aimed at providing funding for an individual educator or team of educators (each party should be UKCP-accredited) to develop an educational innovation that demonstrates originality, is of practical significance, is applicable to educators in other OMs and which may fill a need to ensure continuity of teaching and learning during and post-lockdown. Options might include (but are not limited to: novel curriculum or assessment approaches, instructional materials development or learning support activities. The educational innovation projects are likely to be short-term projects and the funding is to allow an individual educator or team to develop the project; longer-term research projects will not normally be funded but successful innovation projects may lead on to future research work. We welcome applications from teams working collaboratively across one or more OMs as well as from single OMs.

Outcomes of each successful project will be disseminated across UKCP to benefit the whole community of educators and trainers.

Judging will be undertaken by three members of the core EWG. This will be against the criteria below. It is highly recommended that applications address each of these aspects;

  • novelty of the project
  • proposed methodology
  • potential reproducibility of the innovation across OMs
  • potential impact of the innovation
  • the overall quality of the submission.

Please indicate in your application how the monies will be spent. The award will specifically target those projects where other sources of funding are unlikely to be available.

Successful applicants will be expected to make a verbal presentation on the innovation in due course.

Applications are invited in the form of a 1,000 word description (excluding references) of the innovation in word format.

Please send your submission to

Deadline for 2020 applications is 5pm on 24 July 2020.