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New Standards of Education and Training 2017

The Education, Training and Practice Committee has updated the Standards of Education and Training (SETs) for psychotherapy with adults.

Download the new SETs

The primary changes are to the diversity and equality, and safeguarding sections of the core curriculum and addition of a section on security and confidentiality. However, we have incorporated updates throughout the document, so please do check it carefully.

The new SETs come into effect on 1 October 2017. From that date, any quinquennial reviews will use these new Standards in the appraisal process.

What you now need to do

UKCP training organisations should read through the new standards and update your own course(s) and standards documents as appropriate.

UKCP Colleges will also need to go through their own SETs and make sure they fit, and make any changes. The timetable for this is being discussed by Colleges at the moment.

If you have any queries regarding these SETs, please get in touch. You can email me at