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UKCP welcomes royal mental health stance but says more needs doing

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Publication date: April 18, 2017

UKCP welcomes both the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry’s efforts this Easter to reduce the stigma of mental illness – but says much more needs to be done to meet the mental health needs of the nation.

Our chair, Martin Pollecoff, says that the Government’s current ‘quick fix’ approach to treating people with mental health problems is too short-term and does not meet longer and complex needs.

Martin said: ‘It’s great that the two princes have come out publicly to stress the importance of recognising that mental health is something we all need to talk about and make sure that it is treated as seriously as physical health.

‘Unfortunately, these admirable words aren’t being translated into action. We urge the Government to provide the funding and resources needed to provide mental health services which meet the needs of all people in society who are affected.

‘For instance, while the Government has promised funding for NHS therapists in schools, we need to point out that most children’s care is funded not by the NHS but by local authorities whose income is not ring-fenced. So, despite all the good talk, there have been serious cuts to children services across the country.’

Psychological – or talking therapies – are widely recognised as effective treatments for a range of mental health problems, with one in five people having consulted a psychotherapist or counsellor at some point, and almost half of people know someone who has.