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UKCP’s response to the autumn budget

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Publication date: November 22, 2017

UKCP: Budget small step forward, but still huge journey to go

Today, the Chancellor announced an extra £2.8 billion for the NHS in England. The government’s ‘Mental Health Investment Standard’ rules mean if local NHS budgets increase, part of that money should go to mental health.

The investment follows UKCP’s campaign ahead of the budget, which involved members contacting over 300 MPs, urging them to put pressure on the chancellor to increase mental health investment.

UKCP chief executive, Professor Sarah Niblock said:

‘The budget is a step forward for the NHS, but falls way short of the scale of investment that is truly needed.

‘The truth is, mental health services are underfunded, understaffed and in massive demand. The new money may slightly ease some of these pressures, and curb some of the service closures we’ve been seeing, but the system will remain under immense strain.

‘We must be crystal clear: the vast majority of people with mental health issues cannot get therapy via the NHS now, the vast majority still won’t be able to get therapy via the NHS by the end of the decade.  The Government has taken a small step forward, but there is still a huge journey to go before we reach “parity of esteem” with physical health.’

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