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UKCP responds to Prime Minister’s mental health pledge

Publication date: January 9, 2017

Earlier today Theresa May made a speech on the future of mental health care.

UKCP chief executive Janet Weisz has responded to the Prime Minister’s pledge. She said:

‘Theresa May is right to highlight the injustice of lack of access to mental health services, but her words must be backed by investment.

‘High quality psychotherapy can make a lasting difference to people’s lives. Unfortunately, at present, only a fraction of people who could benefit from therapy are actually able to access it on the NHS. Furthermore recovery rates are hampered by long waiting times, overstretched therapists, and lack of choice.

‘Sadly, the only clear commitment to new therapy in this announcement was for more online therapy. While this has a low upfront cost, research has shown it to be of little benefit in real-life clinical practice. Given the costs of unresolved mental health issues, apparently cheap solutions are, in reality, very expensive.

‘There is an overwhelming human and economic case for more investment to provide the quantity and quality of face-to-face therapy that clients expect and deserve.’